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  Hole #7  

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At last, the course’s lone par five. Grip it and rip it. Just please, please, please, let me land past the pond that flicks its hungry tongue across the fairway. Over the past couple years our trusty course manager has managed to clear away the bottom branches of the large cedars gracing the left rough. He must have been low on used balls. Now if you land over there you can usually find your ball. Hitting it? Well, that’s another matter.

If you avoid those pitfalls, plus survive the unmown ‘heather’ that lies just beyond the pond, you’ve arrived in the approach area. From here be advised of the four bunkers that surround a long, narrow green. Many a good player has been driven to despair with the back-and-forth hopscotch game that can result from landing anywhere but on the putting surface. Or so I’ve been told.

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