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  Hole #9  

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What are the chances of a drive hitting the lone large rock that lies in play on this course, then ricocheting back towards you? Very slim indeed. Yet I’ve seen it done. But that’s not the challenge here. While not as severe as number eight, this hole also bends one way while the land tends to fall the other. And don’t forget the rock. Or land behind it.

The final green is a dandy, elevated in the rear as it slants back into the fairway. Again, bunkers line the perimeter, but the large, tightly mowed surface offers a truly inviting landing area. And if you’re buying that I have a deal for you on some great swamp land off Hannigan’s Road.

So there you have it. Another fine round of golf. What other kind is there? And on top of that, you’re on Beaver Island.

Sure, the fairways could be smoother, the greens could be larger, the grass in the rough could be shorter, and, yes, your score could be lower. But let’s review: you’re on Beaver Island and you’re golfing. It really doesn’t get much better.

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