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  Photos from the Greens  

Above, a video done in 2010 by Islander, Artist, and Musician Ted Nicholas.

Beautiful photos and scenery, set to a soundtrack of Scottish music mixed with nature sounds recorded on Beaver Island, Michigan.


New Beaver Island Golf Course Sign

The gallery section of our website will contain rotating photos from the greens and golf course that just have to be shared. If you have any great photos taken at the Golf Course that should be included in the Gallery, please send them in!

To start it off, above are a few photos of the 2004 painting of the "new" golf course sign — destined to become a now-famous landmark on East Side Drive.

Always interested in improving the Beaver Island Golf Course, John Works Jr. was delighted when two of his wife’s friends taking the CMU summer art class were interested in painting him a new sign. Jon Bouck made some preliminary sketches, and, when they met with John and Caroline's approval, set to work with fellow teacher and artist Jodie Dewey.

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