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  Hole #2  

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As a young lad just learning the game, hole number two, with it’s small, postage stamp tee area set slightly separate and askew from the fairway, presented a mentally stressful challenge. Today, as both my game and I have matured (well, okay, I’m older anyway) I take that challenge in stride and hit away.

The fairway opens slightly along the left side as you approach the green, giving you plenty of room to land a grand tee shot. As is the case with shorter par four holes, a good drive and a wedge shot are all you might need to make the green—provided, as we say in golf, you “stay in the short grass.” Nowhere is that axiom more important than here on Beaver Island, as the knee-high, links-styled rough separating the fairways is unforgiving at best, and ball-devouring at worst. Throw in the occasional juniper bush, rock pile, or apple tree, and the fun is just beginning.

With wedge in hand, the two deepest bunkers on the course straddle the slightly slanting green, pressing the case for a soft landing on the well-groomed bent grass.

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