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  14th Annual Ladies Tournament  
2006 12th Annual Beaver Island Ladies Golf Tournament

Par for the Course

Summer, in its warm and sunny glory, is upon us, and with it the golf season is once again, if you’ll excuse me saying, in full swing. Golfers of all sizes, shapes, and talents are being drawn to our wonderful course like seagulls to Daddy Frank’s at lunch time. The driving range is challenging B.I. Apiaries as the buzzingest hive of local activity. All the while tournaments and other events are sprouting up like flowers in Heidi’s greenhouse. Which events, you ask? How about these …
Splendor in the grass

On a gloriously perfect July morning eight four-player teams gathered to determine this year’s Ladies’ Tournament titleists. But after nine regulation holes of play two groups weren’t ready to quit. Posting identical rounds of 42, Team Charbeneau (Marg Charbeneau, Susan Hendricks, Doris Larson, and Annette Dashiell) and Team Worsfold (Nel Worsfold, Ann Broder, Jane Wagner, and Floss Frank) were ready to extend the day to a playoff.

But first things first. And first was what has become an annual addition to the day—the putting contest organized by ‘Bunker’ Bob Simpson. With four putting stations set up at ever-increasing distances from the hole, and labeled Rookie, Junior, Senior, and Wow!, Bunker put the ladies through the paces. While everyone rallied to Rookie status and a few managed to make good at the Junior level, only one steady hand managed to claim the Senior distance and thus the Golden Putter (okay, there was a small cash prize and the chance to get a photo with Bunker) and that was Joyce Runberg.

2006 12th Annual Beaver Island Ladies Golf Tournament

Then there was the wonderful luncheon catered by Carolyn Works. Three different salads along with fresh rolls and muffins and a huge bowl of strawberries were followed by a dessert table loaded with sweet treats.
And somehow after that there was more golf. All eight ladies sent tee shots into the fairway to start the playoff, a fact certainly not . missed by the handful of gentlemen golfers gathered around the tee.

The second shot proved to be crucial to the outcome as Larson put her team close to the green with a strong approach while Worsfold's second shot had the distance but not the direction; she landed in the sand trap on the right side of the green. And with that, the tension mounted.
“If you think this is fun,” said team captain Charbeneau, “well, think again!”

While Charbeneau’s team chipped close to the hole Worfold’s crew struggled to leave the beach. The final hitter was Floss Frank, who punched the team's only shot out of the sand, yet ran across the green and then just off. From there four good efforts at the pin still left the team away, but Nel dropped in the putt for a bogey. That meant someone, anyone, from Charbeneau’s team needed to hit the four-foot tester to win. Where was Runberg when you needed her?

After three misses, all eyes then turned to the captain, who was by then calmly embracing the moment. Marg’s shot went in. Doris’ arm shot up. And another great tourney was history.

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